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Pimp your Buildings – Stronghold 35

35 is the new 30, Stronghold 35 has been released Your stronghold, and most internal buildings, can now be upgraded to level 35.  Enjoy scaring your enemies with a formidable rally size of 150,000,000 and learn more about your opponent with advanced scout reports. Using the new construction gear Master Mason’s Gear Set (which grants you  40k opalite glass reduction, 426% construction ...

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New Imperial Banners

Four new banners released Four more thirty day banners to help defend your stronghold as well as destroy your enemy’s stronghold have been released. Barricade Banner – Protects your stronghold even when your hero is off visiting others. 5,000,000% mobile trap attack 50,000% empire troop defence 20,000,000% wonder rally mobile trap health/wonder holding mobile trap health Empire Legion Banner 5,000,000% legion ...

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Three New Cores Released

Three hour core sets released All three troop types – infantry, ranged and cavalry – get a brand new core set today.  Each one has the duration of three hour usage time, provided your core duration research/skilling is maxed. Erebus Core Set Hidden Recipe The Dismal core set combined with Darkened Shards Demonic Tusks Trapped Soul Calamitous Stone Dark Precipitate Undertaker’s Remains ...

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Runes are Revved Up

Collect and attain the new levels of Divine Runes. As was done with gems, runes are now available to be had in three new levels – Elite Divine, Ultimate Divine and Mythical Divine.  Keep on the lookout for Mythic Divine Rune Collectible chests in your forge and combine them to get the chance to choose the Mythical Divine Rune you need ...

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Burning Stronghold

The Race for Kills

Savage Arab winning the iGoW race. Under a flurry of excitement, porting and a lot of troop killing, iGoW invited members to witness an exciting and friendly race to get to five trillion kills. The top 3 in kills were notified (Bholeblaster, Nawti Lola and former Emperor SavageArab)and after a few days and nights trying to get there first,  SavageArab, who ...

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New Pantheon Research and Boosts

Pantheon has added two new Deities and a new research tree today. Poseidon and Hades have joined their fellow deities in the Pantheon and they are available once your Pantheon building reaches level 21. The benefits to your stronghold are: Combat  15,000% legion defence, resource tile health, infantry/ranged/cavalry defence with hero 85,000,000 trap capacity 10,000% legion defence debuff, infantry/ranged/cavalry defence debuff ...

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The New Age Trap

How to trap and cap. With the latest releases in research, gear and boosts from higher hero levels, traps have had an interesting time lately.   We were able to catch up with one trap who has adjusted well to all the new items. The trap we are looking at specifically runs his sh30 with VIP 43 and a hero ...

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The Nicest Man Still Playing – Golfball1

An interview with a very humble yet highly effective player in GOW. Recently, we had the privilege to grab some of this man’s time currently holding the second highest in kills and known by being the nicest and the most humble guy still playing, Golfball1. What drew you to playing Game of War?          Like most gentlemen who enjoy the thrill ...

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New Hero Levels 81-85

Take you hero to new levels and heights. Brand new levels for your hero will give your stats in multiple areas a huge boost. You can now raise your hero to level 85 with the use of Heroic Pins to unlock each new level. You will need: 300,000 heroic pins for hero level 81 285, 000 heroic pins for hero level 82 ...

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Hyperion Wonder Cores

Dominate your enemies and own the wonder with the force of the Hyperion Core Set. This Set will give your troops an immense amount of defence and health. Once levelled up to 100, you will gain 25,000% legion rally health, 15,000% in legion rally/rally/wonder holding troop/wonder holding legion defence, 25,000% wonder holding legion health, and 50,000% in both rally health and wonder holding ...

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