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New Year Health Gem Set

New Health Gem Set The New Year Health Gem Set, adds Troop Attack, Troop Health, and helps decrease your targets Troop Attack. The follow gems are required, for the new Health Set Bonus. Stamina Gem– 1 level 6 gem will add 5% Troop Attack, and 30% Troop Health. Incursion Gem– 1 level 6 gem will add 35% Enemy Troop Attack ...

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New Gem Set Bonus Research

New Gem Set Research, a week before Super Wonder MZ just recently released more research, for the Gem Set Tree.  Seeing as Super Wonder is a week away, the timing of the release, should come as no surprise to veteran Game of War players. If you plan on finishing it anytime soon, be prepared to pay, a lot. It currently ...

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New Infantry Core Set – Styx

Styx Infantry Core Set Styx cores has been released by MZ along with the raw stats. You can check out details of the Styx Core here. 6750% Infantry Attack 2150% Enemy Defense Debuff 2000% Infantry Health Which in theory didn’t seemed that much of an improve. For a set that currently costs 3 packs to complete, it’s not much of ...

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New Defensive Gear Set

Glacier King Gear Set MZ has released yet another defense set. This set is high not only in defense, but also health. Maxed gear will give you 300% Defense, 1000% Health, 800% Attack, 400% Attack Debuff, and 265% March Speed Debuff. 5 Piece Base Set Bonus 600% Calvary, Infantry, Range Defense 625% Troop Defense 250% Troop Health 7 Piece Full ...

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New Hero Level 75

New Hero Levels have dropped The new releases don’t seem to be stopping, anytime soon. MZ is finishing out the year, with releasing hero levels, 71-75. With these comes higher combat stats, new hero blessings, and higher building boosts. Combat benefits 100% attack against targets that have been marked 750% troop attack increase 200% siege defense debuff 500% troop health, ...

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VIP 27

Infinite troop promotion with VIP 27 New releases are dropping like crazy! MZ’s newest release is VIP 27. VIP 27 will feature the following: Infinite Troop Promotion – you can now promote an unlimited number of troops, at a time. Bigger Troop Boosts & Debuffs – 500% Troop Attack, Health, & Defense Boost. 500% Enemy Troop Attack, Health, & Defense Debuff. There ...

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T5 Elite Troops

Fire Troops MZ second Christmas present to us Game of War players, was the release of T5 Elite troops, Fire Troops. The new release is for T5 regular Range, Cavalry, Infantry, and Siege troops. Research for these, will cost you no rss or speeds. Instead, you will use Fire Shards. Those can be obtained in the dungeon, or by buying ...

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Training Garrison Level 17

Level 17, Training Garrison MZ gave us a few Christmas presents this year. The first is the Training Garrison level 27. In order to upgrade your garrison building to 17, you will first need an Elite Troop Manual. The manual is only available in packs. You will need Garrison 17, in order to train T5 Elite Troops, which is one ...

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Hero Health Banner

Hero Health Banner MZ has released a new banner for the Imperial Banner Building. This banner will provide a Health Bonus, to all troop types. Activating a Legendary Hero Health Banner, will provide your troops with an additional 700% Health Bonus. Making traps even harder to beat. The Hero Health Banner is available in current packs. A quick reminder, contrary ...

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Ice Core Sets

New Ice Cores  were released A new type of cores were released for this Christmas season. Called Ice Cores, just like the Black Friday type cores, it just improves the current cores. Slightly improving the older sets, uses the same pieces of the older sets but you need the new cores, and it’s a different set bonus. At first there ...

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